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15th March 2017
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Travel Insurance – Helpful Hints

Getting ready for a holiday in the UK or abroad is an exciting time for us all, giving us time to recharge and enjoy the sun and fresh air that can be difficult to find with the busy lives we lead. We are all different and some like a leisurely trip, sitting around a pool, topping up our vitamin D and others enjoy an action packed adventure. One thing we all have in common, we cant wait to go, counting down the days.

Check what is covered and if travel insurance is included

Holidays are not cheap and depending on the time of year we go could be much higher, with the average holiday costing £1000 per person, which is a sizable chunk of our salary. Many of us now choose to use online sites to purchase our holidays, attempting to save money. This is good but some travel sites exclude travel insurance to keep the costs down. Reading the small print and investigating what is or is not covered is essential.

When should Travel Insurance be purchased?

Purchasing travel insurance is a definite must and should be in place soon after you have booked your holiday. None of us know what could be around the corner and most policies will cover cancellations or curtailment, especially if you have a family emergency prior to the trip. Purchasing a policy after the event wouldn’t cover this type of incident. You should also be aware the cheapest option isn’t always the best one. You need to check cover limits and excesses. These details should be easily found in the Policy summary or Key Facts.

Types of cover available

There are 2 types of travel insurance

  • Single trip (Cheapest option if only planning a single trip in a year)
  • Annual policy (Best option if planning more than 1 trip a year but you will need to check the policy for the amount of days you are allowed to take in any one period and the total amount of days the policy will cover you for over a year)

Key Benefits to check are included

Other key protection points you should check are included:

  1. Delays
  2. Lost or stolen personal belongings or luggage
  3. Medical costs
  4. Personal liability

Adventure or Sporting Holidays

If you are taking a mini-adventure or sporting holiday you must declare this to the insurer prior to purchasing the travel insurance. If you do not specify the activity you intend to carry out, it normally would be excluded as part of a standard policy. Even if you do select the activity, check the cover is included and the limitation applicable as this may not meet your needs.

Medical Conditions

Most insurers will need to know medical conditions prior to offering cover. Most have a medical screening process covering many illnesses or conditions, including ongoing treatments and terminal illnesses provided they are disclosed. Failure to notify the insure may result in a claim not being paid or only a proportion being met. Be warned.

Age Limitations

Even though age can no longer be a rating factor, some insurers may impose restrictions or cover limitations. You should check the policy prior to buying cover to ensure the insurance meets your needs.

Destinations around the World

When purchasing your Travel insurance you will need to know the area destination of your choice, so ensure the correct region is selected. Certain insurers will exclude war torn regions and areas of unrest. This can be covered by a specialist insurer but terms may apply. The usual choices are:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • Worldwide (Excluding Canada, USA and other similar regions)
  • Worldwide (all countries included)

Questions to ask yourself prior to your holiday 

  • Have we purchased Travel insurance?
  • Have you printed the policy documents?
  • Does the cover meet your needs?
  • If more than one individual travelling, are all names listed on the insurance document?
  • Does the policy cover your holiday destination?
  • Have I picked up my Passport?
  • Have I picked up my European Health Insurance Card?
  • Have you informed your bank – credit cards are the best form of currency
  • Have you arranged dog sitters – for those who have dogs
  • Have you arranged transport too and from the airport?
  • Don’t drink too much before boarding the plane – You could be refused access!
  • Have you purchased sun tan lotion?
  • Charge all your electrical equipment
  • Don’t carry fluids throw passport control – Check airport control before leaving
  • Do you need Insect repellent?

If you would like to discuss Travel insurance and find out if we could save you money, please call us on 0345 8629002

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