Getting Prepared for Winter
10th September 2015
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10th September 2015
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Car Snow

Get your car ready for winter!

With winter and freezing temperatures just around the corner, you need to get your car ready. Being prepared will save you money and will help you reach your destination.

Freezing conditions inevitably arrive causing mayhem on the roads, huge journey delays and hundreds of breakdowns throughout the UK. You need to make sure your car is safe to drive and in the event of a breakdown, you have sufficient protection to keep you warm and comfortable until help arrives.

Detailed below are a few things you need to consider:

Have you had you car serviced? – Anti-freeze reduces the chances of your car radiator and pipes bursting

Is your car safe to drive? – When was the last time you checked the oil and water levels in your car? Are you satisfied it is safe to drive in winter conditions.

Are you tyres suitable? – Always check your tyres. Are they still legal?

Have you cleaned your windows? – Make sure each window is clean and you can see clearly. Purchase de-icer from a local auto store as this will help you melt the ice. A window scrapper will also be a requirement.

Switch on your car lights – Make sure they are clean as slush and dirt from the road can reduce your visability

Plan your journey – Always allow extra time. Listen to your local radio and consider sticking to the main routes as these are more likely to be salted and usable.

Charge your mobile phone – In case you need help, always make sure you have full battery life. You may need to call home, work or a breakdown company.

Pack additional clothing – Keeping warm is essential. Packing extra jumpers, blankets, gloves and hats will keep you from getting cold.

Sun Glasses – During the winter months, when the sun rises, your visibility can be impaired. Drive slowly and wear sun glasses to reduce the glare.

Breakdown Cover – Purchasing breakdown cover will offer you peace of mind. Usually, the policy you purchase will run for a 12 month period, not only covering the winter. Ask us now for a quote for breakdown cover.

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