Don’t get caught out with escape of water this summer!

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13th June 2019
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New research shows that up to 48 bath tubs of water can escape from a single pipe in your home and although escape of water is thought of as a winter issue, it is the summer months that we claim the most in.

Winter may see freezing conditions causing burst pipes, but the insurer ‘Home & Legacy’ claims research shows that July & August see the most claims. They go onto suggest that coping with these rising claims, “is costing the insurance industry £2.5 million every day.”

Summer is known for travelling and family holidays however customers escaping the country are often leaving properties unoccupied for days or in fact the duration of their trips! As a result of this, the properties left unoccupied, often see worse damage and substantial water leaks as they often go undetected until a customer returns home.

As stated by ‘Allianz’, there are numerous signs which can signal an imminent escape of water in a property. One is a smell – if you are aware of smells emanating from the plumbing system; it could indicate a blockage somewhere and signal a potential leak.

Allianz go on to suggest “It’s a good idea to keep an eye on copper pipe joints and check for any green colouring as this may also imply a leak. Plastic plumbing joints should also be inspected regularly to check for any cracks or gaps which could lead to water escaping”. Finally, washing machines and toilets also often go unnoticed and can lead to substantial damage if water is able to escape.

So how can you try and prevent an escape of water incident in the home?

Although it seems obvious, having a family member/friend visit the property will prevent any further damage from occurring and will ensure you are informed if anything seems out of the ordinary, not only to mention it protects you from burglaries etc.

‘Home & Legacy’ believe new technology such as flow sensors, leak detection systems and devices that can be wired into the alarm or building management system are just a few to keep you notified. These devices they believe “Are relatively inexpensive and simple to install, especially when compared to the cost and destruction that can result when a leak goes undetected”.

So with the above in mind, have you taken the correct measures in your home before going on holiday? Although escape of water is an all year round problem, don’t get caught out this summer – cut the water and take all the preventative measures possible!

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