EL NINO Weather Front – Worst Ever?

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4th September 2015

El Nino – Could this mean more bad weather?

Scientists are predicting the current weather phenomenon known as ‘El Nino’ could be the strongest ever!

The weather event occurs when the waters of the Pacific are warmer than usual. According to researchers, the Pacific is already 2C warmer than usual.

The strongest previously recorded El Nino happened in 1997-98. Prior to this, similar events happened in 1982-83 and in 1972-73.

The unusual weather can affect climates around the World, causing droughts, floods and severe storms. The climate researchers are not too sure how the El Nino will affect the northern hemisphere due to the warming of the Artic.

Weather researchers are hoping the El Nino and Artic changes will cancel each other out.

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