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15th September 2015
Car Insurance Premiums Increase
28th October 2015

Self driving cars are on there way

Driver-less vehicle technology is improving every day and it is believed, can alter the face of motoring, delivering major benefits for road safety, including congestion, less accidents and lower emissions, leading to cheaper insurance premiums.

The UK already plays a leading role in vehicle research and technology, allowing vehicle manufacturer to trial and introduce auto-drive functionality. Vehicle parking has already proven to be a success. There is still a long way to go before Governments legislation will permit driver-less vehicles. Full automated vehicles are not expected to be around until 2020.

The UK government are due to publish a ‘code of practice’ later in 2015, outlining specific regulations for manufacturers and soft ware providers.

The Australian government are due to announce they will permit on-road trials, pushing the reality of self driving vehicles forward. They have said, stringent roles must be in place before the trials can begin.

Cyber security is being reviewed, as is tighter in-car electronic control systems, including ‘fail safe’ measures.

The average car driver in England spends 235 hours a year in a vehicle. With the introduction of Self-drive vehicles, this could save the individual up to 6 weeks!

94% of injuries caused on the UK roads are due to human error. Self-drive vehicles could dramatically reduce this figure. Insurance companies recognize the benefits and are already working with manufacturers to improve safety.

Additional updates will follow.



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