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Quote 2 Insure would like to offer you an exclusive Will Writing service in partnership with RedLake, who are a specialist Will Writing, Estate Planning and Asset Protection provider. We are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible advice that is unique to your personal circumstances. By clicking the button below, you will be transferred to RedLake’s website and from there you will be presented with the opportunity to book your appointment.

* Terms apply, see the important information below.

RedLake’s compliance team will ensure that the Will is reviewed and if required, advice will be given to you before the final Will is sent out. Redlake’s compliance team will:

  • Make sure that any tenancies are severed and Life Interest Trusts are created on any property owned jointly, making them Tenants in Common. This will protect the property from divorce, care home fees that may be levied when or if you are taken into care.
  • They will make sure all existing life assurance policies are written in trust and added to the Expression of Wishes contained in the Will. This will make sure that the proceeds from the policies are paid out within two weeks and are not delayed by probate.
  • They will also offer advice on how to mitigate any potential Inheritance Tax liability.

The service is currently funded by a number of the UK’s leading charities: NSPCC, Rainbows Trust Children’s Charity, British Heart Foundation, Zoe’s Place Children’s Hospice, The Dogs Trust, Cancer Research UK, St Giles Hospice, Meningitis Trust, MacMillan Cancer Support, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and KEMP Hospice. These charities rely on legacies in wills in order to carry out their work but you do not need to leave anything to any of the charities that fund the service, or to any charity, but around 30% of people do.

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Question & answers.

Frequently asked questions about will writing and how to make one.

Why do I need a will?

Writing a will is a very important, and legal documentation of your instructions to your Executors, following your demise, including ensuring that your stated wishes regarding guardians for minor children, partner protection of residential rights, distribution of your hard earned wealth, and your wishes for your family are carried out to your exact instructions.

Do I need to appoint guardians?

Parents of minor children are often unaware that their choice of guardian/s of their children must be recorded in writing, within a Will, to ensure that wishes are adhered to. Intestacy (dying without a will) will leave the UK government to decide their guardians.

What is a joint/mirror will?

A joint will is a single document available to co-testators, normally married couples or civil partnerships, who wish to ‘mirror’, hence the title of ‘Mirror Wills’, the same wishes exactly of both parties.

What happens if I die without making a will?

Dying intestate means that the UK government will become your executor and your assets will be distributed according to the law, and probably not according to your wishes. This process can take twelve months to complete, during which time your assets are frozen. The process is also very costly, and can cause extreme hardship and anxiety for your family. Minor children will be placed with whoever the state deems most suitable, including local authority care.

What exactly is “the residue of my estate”?

During our lifetime, our assets and wealth will increase, or decrease, depending on many circumstances, and, of course, none of us know when we will face our demise, and what our ‘estate’ will be worth. UK Legal Wills are therefore written to broadly accommodate this by: Firstly, recording the testator’s wishes regarding personal items (specific legacies), and gifts of money, (Pecuniary Legacies). After these wishes are complied with, the balance of the estate, (after paying any debts, funeral expenses, etc.) is known as ‘The Residual Estate’, and is then distributed by the Executors in strict accordance to the will.

What are lasting powers of attorney?

Whereas your will only deals with your interests, and assets following your demise, a Lasting Power of Attorney enables your appointed ‘managers’, your attorneys, to manage, and legally represent you during temporary or permanent loss of mental capacity whilst you are unable to do so for yourself. Two options are available, under the Office of the Public Guardian, to manage Financial & Property Affairs, and Health & Welfare.

Where does the will writing service cover?

RedLake Wills are UK Legal for England, Wales & Northern Ireland but is currently unavailable to offer a direct service in Scotland.

Important Information

All personal information and agreements reached with RedLake using the online Will service is confidential and will not be shared with Quote 2 Insure or any third party. Quote 2 Insure cannot be held liable in any aspect regarding this service.

You will be able to book a no-obligation consultation, please note that RedLake Wills are UK Legal for England, Wales & Northern Ireland but is currently unavailable to offer a direct service in Scotland. The no-obligation 30 minute appointment will allow you to discuss your requirements and if you wish to proceed with the free will. For legal reasons, married couples and civil partnerships are urged to pay particular attention to children from the marriage, or partnership, and also children from previous relationships. For children under 18 years of age, you are requested to name your preferred guardian/s to care for them until they are of adult age. Choosing your executors, the persons you choose to manage your estate on your behalf following your demise, requires careful consideration regarding availability, age and other considerations. Married couples and civil partnerships normally choose their spouse/partner to be their first executor, with other close family members, or friends as additional executors. Funeral wishes are a very thoughtful part of Will writing, and the testator/s are able to state their wishes in writing in their Will, thus avoiding further family concerns at a sad time. Distribution of your assets and wealth is obviously a very important part of your Will. RedLake’s process guides you through your choices on beneficiary matters, at several levels. One of RedLake’s compliance team may wish to contact you to discuss any concerns that have been identified. If this is the case then RedLake will send you an email requesting a suitable time to make contact. You may wish to consider storing your Will at RedLake’s Will Storage facility in Lincoln. The cost will be a one-off payment of £100.00. The benefits of storage is that your Will can be registered on the National Will Database and free amendments can be provided while the Will remains stored.

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